San Francisco's Iconic Landmark

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Where is Transamerica Pyramid Center located?

Transamerica Pyramid Center is prominently situated at the gateway to San Francisco’s Financial District and is comprised of one full city block. It is surrounded by world-class hotels, restaurants, galleries, clubs and shopping, and the colorful neighborhoods of Jackson Square, Chinatown and North Beach. Transamerica Pyramid Center offers convenient access to freeways, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), buses, ferries and airports.

History: In 1904, a young entrepreneur named Amadeo Giannini created the Bank of Italy in a converted San Francisco saloon. His goal was to make financial services available to everyone — not just the wealthy few. And so he did; after the 1906 quake and fire, Giannini set up a makeshift bank on the San Francisco docks, giving residents loans to rebuild, secured with only a handshake.

In 1928, Giannini merged with Bank of America, and in 1930 acquired Occidental Life Insurance Company through Transamerica Corporation. The banking and life insurance businesses separated in 1956, with the latter taking the Transamerica name. And in 1972, the now iconic Transamerica pyramid claimed its place in the San Francisco skyline. When plans for the new Transamerica Corporation’s headquarters in downtown San Francisco were unveiled in 1968, there was public outcry. Many critics claimed an obelisk-shaped skyscraper didn’t belong in their city. But today, it’s impossible to imagine the San Francisco skyline without the grace and symmetry of The Transamerica Pyramid at Transamerica Pyramid Center. A source of great pride to San Franciscans, The Transamerica Pyramid has become an icon of San Francisco recognized worldwide, along with the city’s famous cable cars and the Golden Gate Bridge.

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